A Quick Nursing Home Marketing Tip that Works!

Nursing Home MarketingHere’s a quick tip to get your facility’s name out to people who may have a need for you at some point.  First, develop a mailer that lists the services you provide and any FREE educational programs or assistance your facility provides or has scheduled.  For example, some facilities may:

  1. Host workshops on long term care insurance or financing
  2. Provide monthly education on Alzheimers Disease or related illnesses
  3. Provide assistance with Medicaid applications for seniors
  4. Give free lunches for seniors on Sundays
  5. Administer free blood pressure checks

You get the picture.

Now, go to your state’s Social Worker Licensure website.  I just Googled my state and “social worker board” and got it on the first search result. 

Many of these boards’ websites have an option to purchase or download a mailing list of all the licensed social workers in the state.  Just search for “mailing list”.  Grab it and you’re on your way!

You can choose the counties or cities that you want to target.

Send out your mailers to the social workers in your selected areas.

Now, some places are a little more up-to-date than others, so they provide email addresses.  That’s ok.  The principle is the same.  Develop an email marketing campaign based on the same things we discussed above (which I’ll be going over in later posts) and send it out to your social workers.  Be sure to include an opt-out option in case they do not want to receive emails from you.  Otherwise, you may get tagged as spam.

That’s all there is to it.  You just put your name in front of a large group of individuals who often are assisting families who may have a need for your services.  You may wish to add these individuals to your referral contact list and schedule some visits later on.

Drop a comment below and tell me if this works for you!

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6 Responses to “A Quick Nursing Home Marketing Tip that Works!”

  • Drew on

    Good article mark, i always enjoy reading your posts they get me thinking about so many things

    I’m curious how much you think online reviews will change the playing field in the future. When i want to find a restaurant, buy a book or plan a weekend i trust reviews i read online. I as a generation X’er use the web for most of my choices. Generation X will be putting the baby boomers in Nursing homes. Will we turn to online reviews?

    If so i see many nursing facilities being caught off guard as there administrators/owners fail to play a part in there Electronic Profile (E-Profile). If you leave yourself floating in the wind (i.e do nothing) then your reviews will largely be negative for i fear for only those with a grievance will review. Such negative reviews irrational and with exaggeration. The coutner to this is to encourage everyone to review so that you achieve a large base of reviews so your average will control how people view you and not your median.

    It will also mean you replay respectful to any negative online reviews so the online community see’s the facility reads them and cares.

    I fear many in LTC don’t understand that while they think there a isolated island google has put them on the map and made it easy for people to review them and as times change that review base might be all the difference… especially for those looking for therapy, you know the people who actual bring a SNF its profile

  • Mark on

    Hi, Drew. Just my opinion – While I believe that you should obviously always strive to have positive reviews, I don’t believe the nursing home industry will see any major declines in admissions related to a facility’s online presence or negative review. There are currently many facilities with poor 5 star ratings, on special focus lists, etc. that never see a drop in census because of it. I believe the nursing homes will continue to focus on higher acuity residents (Part A straight from the hospital) and the discharge planners will remain the largest influencer of where the patient goes, especially with electronic referral programs. For facilities that are down in total census and are taking longterm care residents, many families just want convenience and whatever facility is closest is likely to end up with the referral. I have had only 2 people tell me in the past 5 years that they actually researched my facility online. And, even though, at the time, I had taken poorly-performing facilities to clean up and we had poor scores online, I still got the patient both times.

    Thanks for the great question!

  • Drew on

    I agree that for now and defiantly in the past online reviews has had little to no impact.

    I remember seeing information that gave the top reasons for choosing a nursing home (vs another) was:

    1) discharge planner recommendation
    2) location

    Which essential is recommendation and location. Which is how my parents make many of there choices: from buying cars to dog food. I’m curious if as things change and a new generation raised by google becomes the ones choosing nursing homes they wont use the web more to help make there choices…

    While now it seems ridiculousness to choose a NF based on a online review site it might also have seemed ridiculous not that long ago to choose a life partner based on a online site but look at the success of E-Harmony or any dating site.

    The web will only grow in influence on the world as more and more of mankinds collective efforts are organized across it, i think LTC will be no different. What’s difficult is the when and the what. If you invest time and effort in a E-Profile like any other investment it needs to be timed correctly and i agree with you (that its probable not now) i’m not sure if now or when that time will be.

    Essential i make it a point in my LTC education to try focus on software/hardware that can benefit providers as a niche for myself. So sometimes i try to hard to see benefits from it where it probable doesn’t exist.

    I really enjoy being to read about your experiences and to able to bounce idea’s off this site,
    thanks mark

  • Mark on

    No problem!

  • Mark on


    How would you suggest atempting to change your online reputation? Of course most people only write reviews if they are not happy. So a lot of homes online reputation is poor, how do you counteract that?

  • Mark on

    You could do this in a number of ways.
    Reply on the same sites where there are negative reviews with a professional response, non-confrontational to correct any misrepresentations or if the review was true in the past, you can state what corrective measures have been put in place.

    You can drop your own press releases online. If you wanted to you could determine the keywords that the negative review webpage is ranking for and simply target those keywords with your own positive review sites and push them down in the search engine results. You could use blog comments, article directories, rss directory submissions, social bookmarking, web 2.0 properties, video, forums, etc. to help outrank their page and bury them off the first page results.

    Or if the reviews are untrue and unsubstantiated, ask the site’s webmaster to remove them.


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