Zero Deficiency Survey!

Don’t you just love a deficiency-free survey?  I had the survey team exit today and they didn’t cite anything.  What a great feeling!  That doesn’t mean that deficiencies do not exist.  It simply means that we managed the survey in such a way that anything that did come up, we had an answer for, had QA’d, or had addressed in some other fashion.  I’ve had my share of cleaning up bad surveys for others, it’s nice to have my own go smoothly every once in a while.

My team worked hard, put in many hours of preparation, and deserve all the glory. I was very proud to be called their leader today.

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5 Responses to “Zero Deficiency Survey!”

  • Michael Lu on

    Congrats! Not an easy task any, but you and your team proved it is not mission impossible! Good preparation with documented measures addressing identified issues and concerns are keys, as you indicated. Great job!!!

  • Mark on

    Thanks, ML. Yes, we breathed a big sigh of relief!

  • Rey Torres on

    Congratulations… it is a great feeling.

  • Mark Slaughter on

    Most definitely congratulations. Fellow LNFA here with 30 years of experience and 12 deficiency-free surveys in 8 different buildings. Kept the 2567’s too!

  • Mark on

    Holy smokes! 12 deficiency-free surveys is quite a feat! Especially in different buildings. I took my 2567 to the printer and had it blown up super-size so all the staff could sign off on it.

    Any tips for the readers on how to have such success?


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