3 Reasons I Don’t Worry About My Competitors

nursing home competition picI don’t give too much thought to my competition.  I know to some that might sound crazy, but I have realized over the years, there’s bigger things to worry about.

So, why don’t I worry about the competition?

#1 – They’re always going to have a newer facility, a renovation going on, or something else that we can’t compete with.  Why worry about it?  I have proven over and over it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new facility, I can still walk right over them when it comes to census development.  That will never change.  The stories of referrals and families picking another facility strictly for aesthetics are grossly exaggerated.  Many times the patient comes straight from the hospital without seeing your facility or shopping around before admission.  Besides, if you focus on what million dollar renovation your competitor has going on, your staff will fall into the trap of using that as the excuse as to why referrals have slacked off and see it as a no-win situation.

#2 – My main competitor is always going to be myself.  It doesn’t matter what the other guy is doing.  I have a strategy that I need to execute and I know as long as I do, I will remain successful.  I work to live up to my own expectations not to compete with anyone else.  My expectations are always higher.

#3 – I’ll simply outwork them.  If by some miracle my competition did rise up from the ashes and actually pose a threat to my business, I would do what I have always done – outwork them.  No matter what new program they launched or what kind of suites they’re calling the rooms on the rehab hall, all it takes is consistently working harder, building relationships, streamlining the referral acceptance process and you’ll finish first almost everytime.

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