Nursing Home Marketing: Senior Sundays

One little slick trick that helps market your facility while bringing your target market group straight into your facility – Senior Sundays!  The concept is this:  Pick the first Sunday of the month (or second Sunday, etc.) and open up Sunday lunches FREE to the public for any seniors age 55 and over.

Many facilities would immediately be concerned over the cost.  Don’t be.  Most lunches run $3 – $4 food cost.  Even if you had 20 people show up, that’s still less than $100 each time.  If you get one admission from this in a year’s time, you’ll more than cover the cost of the Senior Sundays program.

The best part is that your potential referrals are voluntarily coming to your facility.  This is great nursing home marketing.  The more they come, the more friends they’ll make at your facility.  This makes the transition to your nursing home as a resident much easier should the situation arise.

See how it works for you.

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    Very clever idea.Once you get someone in the door, often the sales take care of itself!


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