Snow Day

It started snowing yesterday and didn’t stop.  It came quickly and was unexpected, but after 6 inches of snow on the ground, I knew we’d have problems.  As an administrator, it’s my job to ensure that I maintain adequate staffing levels round the clock for my nursing home.  The snow can cause many issues:  lost power, heat issues, call-ins, etc. 

It can be pretty difficult to drive in especially in areas like this that don’t routinely get much snow.  So, last night and this morning, I began the process of taking staff home and picking employees up and taking them to work.  It’s a slow process.  I got sideways on the road a couple of times myself, so I was glad that some of my staff decided not to drive themselves. 

As the temperature rises above freezing, the snow begins to melt to slush, but as the temp drops again, it causes ice build-up on the road.  It’s very slick and we passed several cars that were in the ditch on the way to and from the facility.  In fact, on my way back from picking up one of my nurses, the facility called and told me that another one of my nurses had gotten stuck and asked if I pick her up on the way. 

As always, some individuals take the snow as an opportunity to not come to work.  It’s my job to take away the transportation excuse.  I have to have staff there to care for my residents.  I have to usually explain this a couple of times in order to convince staff that just because it snows doesn’t give everyone a free pass.  Many bad things can happen if there aren’t enough staff so I have to be tough on call-ins in times like this.  I will take call-ins myself to ensure no one is taking advantage of the situation and calling in just to get a free day off.

It’s also in times like this where you’ll see who is really there for you.  Many staff members who I didn’t expect to make it were there bright and early this morning working hard and no one was complaining about working short or waiting on tardy coworkers.  Those guys are the ones I admire and enjoy working with.  They have their priorities straight. 

I have to make sure to thank everyone who stayed over, came to work in the snow, and worked doubles to makes sure we have adequate staffing.  They got free pizza last night and we’ll do something else for them to show our appreciation.  They worked great together as a team and the snow is starting to melt away.

Thank goodness!

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