Nursing Home Partnering with Home Health Care Providers

Usually nursing homes and home health agencies can be found at opoosite ends of the spectrum when it comes to referrals.  Nursing homes want the referral to come into the facility for rehab while home health wants the referrals to go home with their services.  I recently found a way to partner with home health care agencies that I hadn’t thought of previously.

Many times home health patients may be too expensive for the home health care provider to actually make a profit on.  IV’s meds, daily wound dressing changes, negative pressure, etc. can make a patient very costly very quickly for home health.

What I propose is to take the referral straight into the SNF for a temporary stay on Medicare Part A – rather than going home on home health – or within 30 days of their hospital stay.  While in the facility, we’ll get the wound on the right path to healing and run the IV antibiotics for a few weeks.  When the resident is ready to come off the IV antibiotics and the wound is healed or at least manageable for the home health company, we give the patient back to them.  They get the same benefit of having the patient on their caseload minus many of the expenses.  The nursing home gets the benefit of a short-term Part A resident and we still make a profit.  The resident receives the benefit of a continuity of care from the hospital to the SNF back to home.  Everyone wins.

Let me know how it works for you.

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2 Responses to “Nursing Home Partnering with Home Health Care Providers”

  • I think as long as a patient does not get too stressed with their travel between their home and the nursing facility, this idea can definitely work!. As any one been able to achieve this balance at their health care facility?

  • Mark on

    I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s just one more step. Honestly, the patient gets a better quality of care as we tend to be able to better heal the wounds.


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