Lessons from Abe – Portrait of Success

I have a picture in my office that I have had for several years.  I bought it back when I was at a particularly stressful facility going through what must have been the world’s worst survey process.  The State just wouldn’t clear this facility and I was out of ideas.  Sometimes, when you are having those moments of desperation, you want to give up.

I bought this picture to remind me that other people go through the same trials and experience the same feelings of hopelessness.  Sometimes, it’s not about winning; it’s about persevering – outlasting your opponents.  I would look at the picture and it did seem to help me get refocused and realize, “Hey.  I’m still here fighting.”

Anyway, it’s motivational to me and I find it amazing ole Abe didn’t quit.  Here’s the text on the picture highlighting his life and career failures along the way to becoming President:

Failed in business in 1831.

Defeated for Legislature in 1832.

Second failure in business in 1833.

Suffered nervous breakdown in 1836.

Defeated for Speaker in 1838.

Defeated for Elector in 1840.

Defeated for Congress in 1843.

Defeated for Congress in 1848.

Defeated for Senate in 1855.

Defeated for Vice President in 1856.

Defeated for Senate in 1858.

Elected President in 1860.

Talk about a tough road!  He simply persevered.  And he finally found success.  Remember that the path to success is full of failures.  Just don’t give up.

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  • Unfortunately, Mr. Lincoln would never be elected today with that type of history. The media would be all over him!


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