How Many Sales Calls Should I Make?

A common problem I have heard is that the Marketing Director in the nursing home doesn’t  exactly know what the volume of sales calls he/she should be producing.  The answer is simple:  Whatever number fills your beds with new admissions. 

Ok, that was not really an answer, was it?  What you should be focused on are the calls that generate viable referrals for your building.  It is easy, however, to make less calls than what is necessary to support your census. 

Many times when census is low, the administrator cuts everyone’s budget back including the marketing budget for supplies and travel.  This is a strategical error.  In times of low census,  you absolutely need to be spending your marketing budget not trimming it back.  The Marketing Director should be out everyday and a backup team at the facility ready to process any referrals efficiently and handle any admits.

Typically, the number of sales calls you perform should have an inverse relationship with your census to budget and a direct relationship with the number of beds you are trying to fill. 

A rule of thumb is to make as many sales calls per week as the number of beds you’re trying to fill.

 Every facility is different, but just to give you a rough starting point:  If you have 25 empty beds and you’re looking to fill all 25, you should be making at least 25 sales calls per week.  Wow!  That’s a lot, right?  Well, not really.  If you go to a primary referral source, ie- a hospital discharge planning department, you should also schedule yourself to visit a couple of secondary referral sources or even a tertiary on the same day.  If you visit the hospital dc planning department, you should hit at least 2 more accounts in the area – physician’s offices, wound clinic, etc.  If you only hit 4 accounts per day, Monday through Thursday, you’ve already knocked out 16 sales calls.  Take Friday as an office day to send out bed availability faxes, make phone calls, and hopefully, get those last minute end-of-the-week referrals.

The more empty beds you have, the more important it becomes to have a marketing team who can assist with sales calls, referrals, giving tours at the facility, and admissions paperwork.  Also, if the marketing director has a dual role where he/she is also responsible for social services, then the administrator needs to designate a backup so that the sales calls can actually be made.

Go get ’em!

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