That’s Not My Job!!!

“That’s not my job.” or “That’s not my resident.”

Sound familiar?  Sure it does.  I have heard these two phrases in just about every facility at one point or another.  I actually do not allow them to be used in any nursing home that I am managing.  Why? 

Because it IS our job and they’re ALL our residents!  It’s about attitude.  If a staff member comes in and has the attitude that they are only going to do the specific items on their job description or only ensure the residents on their assignment are taken care of, I think they’re missing the bigger picture.  We are a team.  We have a common goal.  We have a mission.  That is to ensure ALL of our residents are taken care of and no one can do that by themselves.  It’s a team effort. 

If a resident who isn’t on your assignment needs to go to the restroom, we’d better make sure they are assisted.  I don’t care whose assignment they’re on.  You may not have to personally take them, but the responsibility falls on you to ensure they are assisted timely.  If that means you take that resident, so be it.

If a nurse spills tubefeeding formula on the floor, does it need to stay on the floor until the next morning when housekeeping comes in and can get to it?  Does the nurse ignore it because it’s not their job?  No.  It’s our responsibility regardless of whether it was written on a job description or not.

The facility teams who have had the best morale and prided themselves on patient care were those that understood this concept. Do yourself a favor – Ban these phrases from your facility because –

It IS our job and they’re ALL our residents!

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