The “No Pay” Hospital Referral

Have you ever received a referral from the hospital and on the face sheet under Payor source, it said, “Self Pay”?  This means they have no Medicaid or Medicare and are privately responsible for their bill.  Many times this also means they are “No Pay” becuase they have no money.

Obviously, costly residents who can’t pay are a huge problem for the hospital and they need to discharge them as quickly as possible.  But which nursing home would take such a referral?  They have no payor source therefore they offer no benefit to the nursing home.

I’m about to let you in on a way to really make an impression with your hospital discharge planners.  A way to help them discharge a no pay resident!

Look at how long the patient has been in the hospital.  Many times they can sit in the hospital for months racking up the hospital’s expenses.  You certainly know what you’re dealing with when you receive a “Self Pay” referral that’s been in the hospital for months and the hospital is several hours away.  That means that they can’t find any nursing facility to take this patient.  They are desperate to discharge!

What about negotiating a contract with the hospital where they will pay you a per diem rate to admit this resident? This is a great way to make your facility money and it helps the hospital because it costs them less to pay you than it does to keep them in the hospital bed.  You can really negotiate some great rates based on how you cost out the referral.

Give this one a try and let me know how it works for you.  Your discharge planners will appreciate your effort to help them out!

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2 Responses to “The “No Pay” Hospital Referral”

  • Renee on

    I have had huge success in this over the years. I actually had a alien resident that had a cva while visiting family in the states. I ended up with a $650 per day rate for a 30 day contract. We rehabilitated this patient and got him back home in the time frame. This is exactly how you build a relationship and are a resource to your case managers.

  • Mark on

    Way to go Renee!! Thanks for sharing your success!!


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