You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Employee

Whadya want from me? I'm having a bad day!

I was having a conversation recently with a couple of other people in the industry.  We were discussing what’s the worst thing about starting out as a new administrator or leader in the nursing home environment.

Lack of experience?  Sure.  Dealing with difficult families?  You bet.  Surveys?  Ding, ding.  All those can be very overwhelming for a rookie in our world.  However, I have to say that one of the worst things I had to deal with was the realization that from here on out, I would be judged not by my own performance, but by that of my worst employee.

Think about it.  All the things that got you to where you are now – the drive, the self-discipline, the studying, the late nights, the commitment – None of those really carry any weight anymore once you become an administrator.

Going forward you are judged on the results you produce through your team.  What outcomes your facility generates.  It’s not a 1-man show anymore.

This was a shock to my system.  I am quite happy to be judged by my own actions, but now I’m judged by my employees’ and it only takes one bad apple to really screw things up.  That’s why it’s so important to tackle things quickly.  Set the example.  Make your expectations known.  Teach, train, and hold accountable.

If it’s not going to work with an employee, LET’S FAIL FAST!!!  Get them out and the right one in quickly!  This is a key principle to learn and implement if you want to find success.  You don’t have much time.  You are being judged right now in your company, in the community, and even in your own facility by how you deal with the bad apple.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and you, my friend, are only as good as your worst employee.

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