Top 10 Questions a New Administrator Should Ask Their Marketing Director!

As a new nursing home administrator – or maybe you’re just taking a new building – you have to find out what level your staff is on, especially the individual who is marketing the nursing home.  You know your census depends on the quality and census development ability of your Marketing Director.  Believe it or not, sometimes you run across someone who has either never been trained properly or has become too complacent in their role.  What we’re going to cover below will give you a quick snapshot of where they’re at.  We’re just going to hit the basics that will tell you whether you should be worried or not.

Top 10 Questions to ask your Marketing Director:

  1. Where are your brochures? Surprisingly, I have found that more facilities than not fail to make sure they keep the general facility brochures on hand.  Ummm???  What are they using to market with?
  2. Can I take a look at your referral contact database and sales plan? Again, if they’re marketing, if they’re organized, this should be no problem.  They should have names, phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, emails, and even individual profiles in there.  If there is no sales plan…well, that’s a problem.
  3. Do you know your budgeted census/census mix? It always helps if you know what you’re shooting for.  😉
  4. What’s your targeted response time for referrals? 15-30 minutes is the max.  Anything more than that is asking for your competition to steal your referrals right out from under you.  If the referral sits on someone’s desk half a day, it’s time for Let’s Get Motivated Party – if you know what I mean!
  5. What types of patients can we take / not take? To know what services you provide and what you don’t is a pretty valuable piece of information.
  6. Who’s your back-up? What’s the referral process – how is it handled when your Marketing Director is out of the building, on weekends, at night, etc.
  7. Where is the case management / discharge planners’ office in the hospital? Also, what are their names? Are they really building relationships with the case managers as we’re expecting?  Go with them so they can show you around.  If they’ve been in their job for any length of time and are unable to tell you, Red Alert!
  8. When does the Marketing Team meet? Don’t have one?  Well, let’s work on that.
  9. Where did you go this week? As in were they quality sales calls?  Are we hitting Primary referral sources?
  10. Can you walk me through a sales call? Better yet, go with your Marketing Director.  We don’t want sales calls to turn into social calls or candy drop-offs with our discharge planners forgetting we’re calling on them for a reason.  Are we asking for the referral?

Here you go, guys!  Hope this is helpful information for the new recruits in our field.  Let me know what you find out!

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Questions a New Administrator Should Ask Their Marketing Director!”

  • Mark Stevenson on

    Great list, I am a Marketing/Admissions veteran and this list is spot on for any marketer worth their paycheck. The most crucial one is turnaround on referrals. I get it done in 10minutes with a Yes or No on accepting the patient. I have my cell always with me and I have all of referral sources work numbers for quick call backs and questions. I fax weekly bed availability and I ask directly for the business. If my Medicare census is low I ask my big guns for Medicare pts or frequent flyers in the hospital that need placement. With this formula I have bonused evry month

  • Mark on

    Nice!! 10 minutes is a super turnaround time! Good idea on keeping the referrals numbers with you as well. Relationships are everything.


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