What 1 Thing Your Employees Really Want for Christmas

I have seen facilities with several different methods for handling employee Christmas gifts.
*Some facilities bought their employees absolutely nothing.
*Some facilities gave their employees t-shirts or jackets with the facility’s logo stitched on.
*Some facilities bought their employees hams or turkeys.  (I actually liked this one).
*Some facilities would have all the employees buy a gift and do a swap at the Christmas party.
I didn’t really want to go with any of the above options this year.  With the economy the way it is, I decided to just give my staff the one thing everyone can use.  More money!  Each of my staff members found a gift card in the envelope with their paycheck.  Let me tell you, that went over well. I actually had people coming up and thanking me for not getting them another jacket this year.
Lesson to take away, think about what your employees can really use this holiday season.
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