What a New Nursing Home Administrator Should Ask for on the First Day

Typically on the first day of a new job, we are so busy getting orientation, watching hours of videos, and signing a huge packet of forms that we forget to ask some of the basic questions a new nursing home administrator should always know.  I put together a brief list of things I always make sure I ask for on my first day.  That way, it doesn’t drag out 2 weeks with me not knowing where to get what.

Click on the picture below to get the full list as a .pdf.  It’s not everything you should ask for, but it covers many of the basics.  Feel free to add, delete, or modify to customize it for yourself. Or, just print it off and use it as a checklist on your first day in a new nursing home.


Click the Picture Below!

Click the Picture Above!

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8 Responses to “What a New Nursing Home Administrator Should Ask for on the First Day”

  • Dorothea White on

    I can’t view entire list could you please froward me one.

  • Mark on

    Sure thing. Check your email.

  • Roger on

    Hi Mark. So glad I found your site. Would you mind emailing me your list? Thanks for sharing with us and giving back to the industry.

  • Mark on

    Sure thing.

  • Tara on

    Number 19 is cut off from the list. Can you send the entire list to me electronically?

    Thank you

  • Mark on

    Sure thing. For anyone else having trouble, you have to CLICK the pic to get the full list.

  • Kaye on

    Completing my AIT now. Would love to have this list. Thanks


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