How a Thank You Card Can Save Your Nursing Home!

Oftentimes, when a facility has had survey issues or turnover in leadership, employee morale also suffers.  One nice little tool that can drastically improve morale in your facility is the Thank You note. You should attempt to create an atmosphere of not just...

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Nursing Home Regulatory F-Tag List

Here is a list I put together of our federal regulations or F-tags.  There are a couple of nice lists online already, but they haven’t been recently updated. These are current as of January 15, 2010. Click below for a .pdf: F-Tag List for Nursing Hom...

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Staffing and Special Schedules

I typically don’t hire individuals with special schedule needs.  It never fails that when a facility is desperate for CNAs, housekeepers, dietary staff members, etc., we see many employees hired that have only special times and days that they can work....

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Using Your Relationships – A Little-Known Nursing Home Marketing Trick

One of the tricks I came across in marketing nursing homes is to partner with other vendors and providers in the industry.  “Well, that’s not a big secret, Mark.  Everyone knows this,” you might think.  But, do you know how to utilize thes...

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How to Write a Nursing Home Resident’s Discharge Notice and Stay Out of Hot Water!

If you have recently accepted a new facility, one of the first things you need to do is review their discharge policy and the discharge letter/notification they are using – if they are using one at all. Many facilities do not have a standard template fo...

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Emotional Control – The Nursing Home Leader’s Lost Attribute

One of the most difficult things I had to learn early on in my career is to control my emotions.  Emotional control, emotional maturity, whatever you want to call it, is one of the single most important things that will determine your success or failure.  I...

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Leadership and the River Bank Builder

Whenever someone used to ask me how I would describe my leadership style, I never had just one answer.  You see, it changes.  I am a leader for a large group of healthcare professionals.  I am also a coach for most of the time.  But I also am a mentor, ...

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