How to Run a Care Plan Meeting

Care Plan Meetings, also called Care Conferences or IDT Meetings with the Resident and/or Family are an important part of your resident’s stay at the facility.  They are necessary to ensure that no communication has been lost and that we are answering all q...

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20 Reasons Why Most Nursing Homes Develop Inhouse Acquired Pressure Ulcers and Why They Need a Good Kick in the Pants!

Do you know what one of the most often used arguments in lawsuits against nursing homes is?  “The facility allowed the patient to develop avoidable bedsores…”  As Nursing Home Professionals, it is our job to ensure that our residents do not...

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Top 10 Questions to Ask to Get Your Behavior Management Program on Track

Do you have residents yelling their heads off? Wandering excessively into the wrong rooms? Elopements? Resisting care? Exhibiting sexually inappropriate behaviors?  Or, maybe even a new resident-to-resident altercation each day?  Then, I hate to break it to ...

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