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Managing Hypersexuality in the Nursing Home – Where to Begin?

Today, we’ll talk about hypersexuality of the nursing home resident when there is no 2 –party consent for sexual advances, and what to do to manage this behavior. In the nursing home industry, you’ll run across it sooner or later.  A little male residen...

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Guest Post: Common Difficulties That Occur During Caregiver Training

Today, we have a guest post from our friend Daniel over at Cherry Hill Adult Family Home.  The point of view is from an assisted living perspective, but we can find many similarities in the NH industry.  You can see Daniel’s Assisted Living Blog HERE. ...

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Confusion Over Sexuality in the Nursing Home

Every facility at one point or another will have to come to terms with the expression of sexuality by their residents.  This creates a ton of confusion with the staff, administration, corporate, families, ombudsman, and surveyors. To tell you the truth, it ca...

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10 Deadly Sins of the Nursing Home Administrator

So you want to become a great nursing home administrator? But you find yourself not quite attaining the level of success you aspire to.  Have you asked yourself one simple question:  What am I doing wrong? You want to accomplish great things in this long ter...

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Don’t Change Systems for Personnel Problems

I recently encountered an issue with the way employees are being paid in one facility.  It seems that at one point, the Nurse Administration team members other than the DON – ADON, RN supervisors, MDS, support staff, etc. were all paid hourly.  That&#...

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Nursing Home Marketing: Cold Call Concepts – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

I attended a seminar the other day on healthcare marketing.  One of the focuses was to break down your types of calls and define what the key elements are.  So, today, we’re breaking down a nursing home marketing cold call and how we get past the gate...

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