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Disaster Preparedness in Nursing Homes: Some Thoughts

Today we have a guest post from Kitty Holman on the subject of Nursing Home Disaster Preparedness.  Enjoy!        Disaster Preparedness in Nursing Homes: Some Thoughts Ever since Hurricane Katrina hit, nursing homes and care facilities have been working t...

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You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Employee

I was having a conversation recently with a couple of other people in the industry.  We were discussing what’s the worst thing about starting out as a new administrator or leader in the nursing home environment. Lack of experience?  Sure.  Dealing wit...

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Don’t Call Yourself a Troubleshooter Until You Follow These 10 Rules!

For shame!  I hear this all the time and have followed supposed “troubleshooters” in many buildings.  The same folks who fail to get the facility even halfway back on track.  I’m pulling your “troubleshooter” card as of now!  ...

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You’re Never Finished But That’s OK, You’re Still Organized.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, those of us working in the longterm care industry have a ton of work to do.  I have worked in other industries and this one by far takes the cake with giving you so many tasks you can’t think straight. One of ...

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