Nursing Home Management

Nursing Home Management is a tough role to be in.  You’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the surveyors who can seem a bit merciless at times.  You’re constantly dealing with difficult family members who somewhere along the way forgot that you’re the one helping them.  You’re constantly dealing with employee issues that come out of the blue.  You are constantly trying to get in all your reports to the various departments at corporate while managing to be on multiple conference calls at the same time.

You have oversight responsibility of every department in your facility.  If there is a problem, it ultimately is your resonsibility to ensure it’s resolved.

It truly is never-ending.  You deal with tons of stress – that’s just a fact and one you should be aware of.


The nursing home residents are the generally the best part of the job.  They are a blast and you never know what to expect from them.  You can learn so much from them.  The staff after you’ve been in place for awhile begins to feel like family.  The work environment is what you make it.

On this website, you will find all kinds of information on Nursing Home Management experiences, tips, tools, and lessons learned.  Whether you’re a new Nursing Home Administrator or a seasoned vet, we all can learn from the experiences of others.  For posts about Nursing Home Management, click here.

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