Snoezelen Rooms – A New Tool for Alzheimers?

Do you Snoezel? If not, you might need to start! The word “Snoezelen” comes from 2 Dutch words, “snuffelen” (to seek out or explore, or to sniff) and “doezelen” (to relax, doze, or snooze).  The Snoezelen experience offers ...

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How Many Bosses Can You Really Have?

I was talking to my friend the other day about a work issue she had and she asked what I thought the next step should be.  I asked if she’d spoken with her boss to which she replied, “Which one?” “The one you actually answer directly t...

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How to Run a Care Plan Meeting

Care Plan Meetings, also called Care Conferences or IDT Meetings with the Resident and/or Family are an important part of your resident’s stay at the facility.  They are necessary to ensure that no communication has been lost and that we are answering all q...

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Getting Employees on the Customer Service Bandwagon with I-Care

No matter how good of a job you do personally, you’re only as good as your worst empolyee.  So, if your CNA is in a hurry and doesn’t respond to a resident’s questions in a respectful manner, or if a call light stays on for 20 minutes and yo...

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That’s Not My Job!!!

“That’s not my job.” or “That’s not my resident.” Sound familiar?  Sure it does.  I have heard these two phrases in just about every facility at one point or another.  I actually do not allow them to be used in any nurs...

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Reimbursable Bad Debt – How 90% of Nursing Homes are Losing Thousands in Revenue Each Month

Many Nursing Home Administrators and Business Office Managers do not fully understand the concept of Medicare Reimbursable Bad Debt or realize the potential dollars they may be forfeiting.  I am going to try to break it down so that you can stop losing money...

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20 Reasons Why Most Nursing Homes Develop Inhouse Acquired Pressure Ulcers and Why They Need a Good Kick in the Pants!

Do you know what one of the most often used arguments in lawsuits against nursing homes is?  “The facility allowed the patient to develop avoidable bedsores…”  As Nursing Home Professionals, it is our job to ensure that our residents do not...

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