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The Medicare Part A 30-day, 60-Day Secret

This is a problem that comes up in nursing homes at times.  You have a nursing home resident that goes home in the middle of their 100-day Medicare benefit period.  They get home, have a decline, and need to come back to you.  If they need skilled services ...

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How to Write a Nursing Home Resident’s Discharge Notice and Stay Out of Hot Water!

If you have recently accepted a new facility, one of the first things you need to do is review their discharge policy and the discharge letter/notification they are using – if they are using one at all. Many facilities do not have a standard template fo...

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Administrator’s Cheat Sheet to Accounts Receivable

Every company is different, but something that happens frequently is that an administrator is hired and put in charge of the building without much training on how and what to monitor.  Sometimes, one needs a little direction. Today, we’ll talk about how...

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Reimbursable Bad Debt – How 90% of Nursing Homes are Losing Thousands in Revenue Each Month

Many Nursing Home Administrators and Business Office Managers do not fully understand the concept of Medicare Reimbursable Bad Debt or realize the potential dollars they may be forfeiting.  I am going to try to break it down so that you can stop losing money...

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