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Lesson Learned: Cousin Fred May be a Thief!

One thing I try to do is to learn from my mistakes.  So, I’ll share some of my mistakes in this section called Lessons Learned so hopefully you can learn from them, too.  The lesson we’ll talk about today is about family members coming to take yo...

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I Don’t Pass Out Paychecks Early!

It never fails, someone needs to pick up their paycheck before the scheduled paycheck disbursement time.  We’ll say 2:oo pm on Friday.  You know that there is a reason you were told not to let the paychecks go early.  You know that if you let one empl...

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The 5 C’s of Long Term Care

Decisions, decisions!  Nursing home administrators are faced with the task of making decisions multiple times each day.  Many times there really isn’t a clear right answer for the decision to be made.  So, how does one know what to do?  Over my year...

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An Administrator’s Best Friend

Here is a picture of a nursing home administrator’s best friend.  No, not my dog!  It’s the watermelon book sitting behind him. (Although, my Boston Terrier, Maverick,  ranks right up there, too!) The Long Term Care Survey book, F-tag book, or ...

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Scope & Severity – How Nursing Homes are Really Graded

Believe it or not, 90%+ of the staff members working in a nursing home have no idea of how the facility is assigned deficiencies (usually called tags or F-tags) or what the letter grade it receives actually means.  I am going to give you a quick and easy lo...

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How to Run a Care Plan Meeting

Care Plan Meetings, also called Care Conferences or IDT Meetings with the Resident and/or Family are an important part of your resident’s stay at the facility.  They are necessary to ensure that no communication has been lost and that we are answering all q...

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20 Reasons Why Most Nursing Homes Develop Inhouse Acquired Pressure Ulcers and Why They Need a Good Kick in the Pants!

Do you know what one of the most often used arguments in lawsuits against nursing homes is?  “The facility allowed the patient to develop avoidable bedsores…”  As Nursing Home Professionals, it is our job to ensure that our residents do not...

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