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Ranking Employees Forces You to be a Better Manager

Taking on a facility?  Want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake that so many administrators before you have in the same building?  It’s all about building your team of department heads and key personnel.  How do you make sure you’...

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Leadership and the River Bank Builder

Whenever someone used to ask me how I would describe my leadership style, I never had just one answer.  You see, it changes.  I am a leader for a large group of healthcare professionals.  I am also a coach for most of the time.  But I also am a mentor, ...

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The DreamCatcher Program: A Common Goal for Staff, Residents, and Families

Are your residents complaining that there is nothing to do?  Is your employee morale at an all-time low?  Do you feel the need to grab a couple pairs of boxing gloves and let your CNAs and LPNs just go at it?  Do you have family members with nothing better ...

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Getting Employees on the Customer Service Bandwagon with I-Care

No matter how good of a job you do personally, you’re only as good as your worst empolyee.  So, if your CNA is in a hurry and doesn’t respond to a resident’s questions in a respectful manner, or if a call light stays on for 20 minutes and yo...

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