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It’s Time to Expect More From Your Medical Director!

A common complaint I hear revolves around the medical director and his or her unwillingness to perform the most basic duties of their role or that they are standing in the way of a facility’s progress. I’ve seen medical directors who wouldn’t...

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10 Deadly Sins of the Nursing Home Administrator

So you want to become a great nursing home administrator? But you find yourself not quite attaining the level of success you aspire to.  Have you asked yourself one simple question:  What am I doing wrong? You want to accomplish great things in this long ter...

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The 5 C’s of Long Term Care

Decisions, decisions!  Nursing home administrators are faced with the task of making decisions multiple times each day.  Many times there really isn’t a clear right answer for the decision to be made.  So, how does one know what to do?  Over my year...

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