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Huge News for Alzheimer’s Research!

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41971124/ns/health-alzheimers_disease/ There’s some huge news for individuals and their families dealing with Alzheimer’s disease!  We may be closing in on a cure quickly.  According to new findings, beta amyloid, the...

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Cool Idea to Prevent Elopements

So, I was looking at this website www.nccdp.org for The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.  It’s a great resource for all things dementia-related.  As I’m browsing around, this link catches my eye:  Fake Bus Stop Keeps Alzh...

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Quick & Easy Market Analysis for Nursing Home Niches

Quick & Easy LTC Marketing Research & Analysis: How to Complete a Market Study Today, we’re going to go over a quick and easy way to do market research for you to determine the viability of a new niche program for your facility.  Now, you can pick...

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Snoezelen Rooms – A New Tool for Alzheimers?

Do you Snoezel? If not, you might need to start! The word “Snoezelen” comes from 2 Dutch words, “snuffelen” (to seek out or explore, or to sniff) and “doezelen” (to relax, doze, or snooze).  The Snoezelen experience offers ...

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