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Top 10 Questions a New Administrator Should Ask Their Marketing Director!

As a new nursing home administrator – or maybe you’re just taking a new building – you have to find out what level your staff is on, especially the individual who is marketing the nursing home.  You know your census depends on the quality an...

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How Many Sales Calls Should I Make?

A common problem I have heard is that the Marketing Director in the nursing home doesn’t  exactly know what the volume of sales calls he/she should be producing.  The answer is simple:  Whatever number fills your beds with new admissions.  Ok, that w...

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Nursing Home Marketing: Cold Call Concepts – Getting Past the Gatekeeper

I attended a seminar the other day on healthcare marketing.  One of the focuses was to break down your types of calls and define what the key elements are.  So, today, we’re breaking down a nursing home marketing cold call and how we get past the gate...

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Marketing Multiple Facilities

Earlier today, I received a question from someone who is about to step into the role of a Regional Marketing Director and will be responsible for the marketing and census development of multiple facilities.  She asked if I had any ideas on where someone would...

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Nursing Home Marketing: The Facility Down the Street May Be a Referral Pot of Gold

In the past week, I have had a unique opportunity to observe a facility with another company fall to the pressures of survey.  The facility had a rough history – staying out of compliance more than in.  A few IJ’s later, CMS has pulled the plug ...

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Using Your Relationships – A Little-Known Nursing Home Marketing Trick

One of the tricks I came across in marketing nursing homes is to partner with other vendors and providers in the industry.  “Well, that’s not a big secret, Mark.  Everyone knows this,” you might think.  But, do you know how to utilize thes...

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